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Discover, manage and secure your client's growing SaaS stack.

Discover risky applications in minutes

Monitor security policies like MFA

Prevent security breaches

Customized reports and data pulls

“MSP clients are often unaware of the risks of an unwatched cloud environment. Augmentt’s solution makes it possible for MSPs to gather the data that clients need to understand those risks. This transparency improves client understanding and engagement”

Jeff Farris, President & CEO, CloudRadial

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SaaS Application Discovery

Discover the full SaaS Application mix used in your client’s environment to help them mitigate risk from cyber security threats.

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SaaS management simplicity

With Augmentt Engage, you can accelerate SaaS management to streamline provisioning, simplify daily user management, improve security and increase productivity.

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Protect and Secure Office 365

Protect your customers’ most important cloud applications by auditing & monitoring security policy enrolment, including MFA, to significantly reduce the risk of a security breach.

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SaaS Backup made easy and affordable

With just a few simple clicks, your admins can use Augmentt to backup multiple domains, and organizations. We offer unlimited storage, and unlimited retention of daily archives, so that your data can be quickly recovered from any point in time, or exported for onsite storage if needed.

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Proactive SaaS management, and Augmentt’s technology specifically, are a must have for MSPs who want to perform at the top of their game and keep their customers free from unmanaged or worse, rogue applications.

Dale Walls

Founding Partner, Corsica Technologies

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