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Join a live webinar hosted by a SaaS Management Expert to walk you through the many features and functionality of the Augmentt platform.

Augmentt Platform Demo & Q&A

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  • A quick platform overview of all products: Discover, Optimize & Engage
  • Understand your SaaS usage
  • Optimize your spend
  • Enforce security policies
  • Improve productivity

This is a 30 min Platform Demo followed by a 15-30 min open Q&A session. We'll cover:

Weekly webinars available

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Request a custom demo with an Augmentt SaaS Management Expert

How to save on SaaS licensing

Compare SaaS usage to licensing in order to identify areas of savings.

How to enforce security policies

Easily track usage of unauthorized SaaS applications in order to enforce SaaS security policies.

How to streamline operations

Quickly automate your SaaS provisioning, de-provisioning and approval processes.

This demo will highlight all of the platform features, including:

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