MFA management, Simplified.

Monitor DUO MFA status with M365 integration & User Registration

The Duo integration release is designed to improve MFA monitoring and reporting. It allows for reporting on MFA protection status across Duo and Microsoft, with a focus on clarity, efficiency, and improved management. The feature includes a "protected/not protected" status and actionable alerts for more efficient management of MFA.

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With Augmentt, MSPs can streamline monitoring security policies, like MFA, and automatically generate tickets and alerts for compliance violations to effectively manage M365 environments across all your tenants from a single pane of glass.

With 100 free licenses of Augmentt, you can immediately gain visibility into your customer's environment to detect the current security landscape and start protecting their environments against cyber threats.

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Augmentt Platform

"Augmentt has allowed us to streamline M365 management, which was amazing. Now with the ability to manage and configure security defaults for MFA via Conditional Access policies, it’s become our go-to tool to make changes in Azure, all from a single screen in Augmentt"

Cary Wagner - CEO at Pacific North West

Run free threat reports

Threat reports can be used as an effective sales tool to demonstrate the current cyber threat attempts on organizations to devise an appropriate threat mitigation strategy.

Audit MFA configurations

Easily find M365 vulnerabilities in security policies, like legacy authentication, and monitor policy adoption across all your customers

Detect MFA status

Detect any changes to MFA status via Microsoft or Duo with alerts via email or PSA ticket.

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Sell SaaS services with free sales and marketing resources

Identify risks in your client's M365 environments

Ability to manage MFA configuration across all your tenants

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